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Frequently Asked Questions

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Silver Stars Virtual Studio is a fitness membership site for men and women over 50 that was created by our director that has over 30 years of experience helping men and women over 50 improve their health and overall fitness level. Our goal is to provide you with all the latest classes, the highest level of fitness and sports instruction, post rehabilitation & prevention advice and the personalized attention from a coach without ever setting foot in a commercial club and paying an additional fee for a personal trainer. And… the nice thing is you can improve your fitness level anywhere and anytime you want, but at the same time get personalized attention from a coach.

You do not need a large space or any equipment to benefit from our virtual studio. Although it is suggested you purchase a pair of dumbbells and a resistance band with handles.

Yes, currently either a monthly or annual membership will give you access to all of our services.

Yes, once you sign up for a membership you will have access to a fitness coach and an admin that can help answer all your questions.

Yes, all of our classes have a beginner level and our instructors always provide modifications and regressions according to your fitness level.

Yes, our instructors will always provide a suggestion or modification that might be beneficial to working around an achy joint or injury. Your membership also includes access to our staff physical therapist that will give you tips on how to help and prevent various orthopedic conditions.

Yes, we are always filming new classes and exercise tutorials to help keep you engaged and motivated.

Yes, we offer a 7- day trial. Your membership will begin after your week has expired. You can cancel at any time!

All of our trainers and instructors are certified fitness professionals that are specifically trained to design fitness programs and teach classes for men and women over the age of 50. They all have very strong communications skills and an upbeat personality that will help to motivate you to improve your fitness level.

We recommend you take one class every other or every two days. Although, you can take a stretching class on a daily basis.

You should perform each exercise for 8-12 reps or for 45-60 seconds. We recommend you choose three upper/lower body strength exercises and form a workout versus performing one or two random exercises. Contact a coach for guidance.

The exercise tutorials are for teaching purposes to prepare you for one of our classes or try one of our sample programs. We recommend you don’t perform random exercises. Contact a coach for more guidance.

Yes, you can pause your class at anytime and resume where you left off when you’re able to continue.

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